The KEYS Research Internship Program offers a broad range of opportunities to motivated high school students with a strong interest in bioscience, biomedical science, biostatistics, engineering, data science, or environmental health.

KEYS High School Students

The internship is primarily geared towards high school juniors or seniors who have an academically sound background in biology and chemistry. Students are selected based on the combination of their current academic performance, passion for science, and teacher recommendations.

KEYS Letter

Their passion for science and ability to communicate how KEYS can help them achieve their STEM goals is weighed heavily in the admissions process. We consider everyone who fills out the internship application completely.

If you feel that your child would benefit from KEYS, please encourage them to apply.


“KEYS Research Internship Program is very well organized. From the overall structure/program to the small things such as parking and lunch, the KEYS program has arranged everything thoughtfully and carefully. KEYS is also doing well in its communication to the interns and parents. The weekly update email is a good example. Thank you for your leadership in this program, and thank you for your hard work. As a parent, I am very appreciated.”