Parent and high school student in a lecture hall

KEYS is a free program, generous program donors ensure students can participate without cost being a deterrent. We do offer financial aid and/or resources to students that require assistance with associate costs such as meals while on campus, transportation costs, campus parking permit, Catcard, and technology needs.

The KEYS Family Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 1st for the 2022 KEYS Internship.

The last day of the program. The 2022 KEYS Research Showcase will be held on Friday, July 22, 2022.

The University of Arizona is deeply committed to the safety of minors who visit our campus facilities and attend various educational events throughout the year. This policy is intended to set guidelines for communications, supervision, behavioral expectations, and training to promote a higher level of service in order to provide a respectful and positive educational experience. Students are required to check in and check out with staff personnel and are encouraged to report exceptions to their regular routines to KEYS staff.

To review the UA Minors Policy, click here.

No, program absences are not permitted. Please schedule vacations and other events prior to or after KEYS program dates.