Student working with a researcher in a greenhouse

Principal Investigators

Researchers from across the University of Arizona host KEYS high school students. KEYS relies on faculty investigators and their postdoctoral and graduate students for their mentorship. Most are members of the BIO5 Institute, the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center, and other affiliated bioscience research groups.

Lab Mentors

Mentoring a KEYS intern is a valuable way to engage in high school outreach. Mentors are generally past and/or current college student under the direction of their laboratory's principal investigator(s).


A training is offered each Spring for Principal Investigators and Laboratory Mentors. We especially encourage first time mentors to participate in this training.

Questions? Contact Robyn Pratt at 520-621-1773.


Thank you to our KEYS Mentors

Ken Addison

Andy Ambrose

Miranda Anderson

Al-Hassan Aodah

Mitchell Bartlet

Cayla Baynes

Shawn Beitel

SeoHo Bin

Teal Brechtel

Nicolette Brown

Vanessa Buzzard

Chris Camp

Natalie Carey

Dan Charbonneau

Dr. Anita Chavan

Alex Chibly

Austin Conklin

Janet Courtright

Elizabeth Cox

Garrett Crosby

Richard DeArmond

Benjamin Degain

Kimiko Della Cruce

Andrea Deranek

Upendra Devisetty

Jessica Diesing

Loi Do

Rachel Doser

Sam Dunlap

Ryan Dunn

Alane Dy

Anna Eitel

Alex Erwin

Peace Ezeh

Diana Ferro

Isabel Forlastro

Steven Fried

Tim Frost

Jacob Garlant

Jordan Garth

Kristy Gilman

Chanel Griggs

Carissa Grijalva

Virginia Harpold

Linnea Honeker

Christiane Hoppe-Jones

Gabby Hutchens

Pier Ingram

Tariq Islam

Fernando Ivich

Linan Jiang

Stephen Jinga

Teresa Joy

Rebecca Justiniano

Warren Kadoya

Kelly Karlage

Matthew Klass

Nachiket Kulkarni

Hui Li

Erika Liktor-Busa

Alex Eden Lim

Alejandra Mandel

Dr. Michael Marty

Damian Mason

Connor Maxwell

Katie McCracken

Rebecca McQuade

Dan Meade

Matthew Miller

Rami Musharrafieh

Ty Neenan

Thao Nguyen

Ari Nicolini

Abigail O’Connor

Mana Ohkura

James Onwubiko Onwuzurike

Chioma Oringanje

Erol Ozgur

Minky Park

Miguel Pena

Marcela Pier

Deseree Reid

Partha Samadder

Yamil Sanchez

Kailee Savage

Melissa Sayegh

Edwin Skidmore

Victoria Snapp

Erica Spence

Heidi Steiner

Lindsey Stolze

Andrey Struts

Nathan Sweeney

Tyler Tate

Coco Tirambulo

Erica Toth

Meagan Tran

Shraddha Tuladhar

Kairavi Vaishnav

Norma Nohemi Villagomez-Marquez

Junsig Wang

Marcy Watchman

Andrea Wellington

Daniel Williamson

Amy Wong

Xiaomin Wu

Shinin Wu

Meng Xu

Scott Younger

Chris Zerio

Robbie Zinna

“I believe having students in our labs offers a chance for them to get hands-on experience in a running lab doing science (they get to experience the joy, the frustration, and the boredom—all of which are part of science) and they get to be part of a team (the lab) which is truly one of the best parts of science!”